The emergence of the young clothing brand ESTEEM has its origins in the need of the founding team to present a fashion that embodies the maxim Finest Lifestyle through its passionate design and detailed implementation.

The name ESTEEM, which also contains the word me due to its design, stands for appreciation of what you are and what you have.

In spring 2018, the first collection was released. Thanks to creative and focused work, other products could be presented within a few months. Due to the overwhelming feedback, and the associated growth of the ESTEEM Club , the team has set itself the goal of continuously presenting new sub-collections, within each piece as something unique is valued and designed in detail as well as being produced in high quality.

The following categories receive special attention:

Quality | The selection of high-quality fabrics and the exact processing of fashion strive for a high standard

Design | Through selected designs and the straightforward symbolism there is scope for individual styles

Fits | The special cuts, combined with the choice of fabric, create fits that promise comfort and satisfaction

Diversity | The aim of the different cuts is the freedom for individual styles, whether in a casual street style, in a chic afterwork outfit or at home on the couch

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